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Dental products

Our specialty is in Empress2 Full Porcelain Crowns. Our technicians have worked with this remarkable material since it was introduced by Ivoclar in 1995 and have become experts at molding it into perfection, at a price that can't be beat in the European and American markets. The realistic quality, reliability and compatibility of this premium material have made it the leading choice of dentists and patients worldwide.

We also have extensive expertise in Degudent Corp.'s Golden Gate System. Used for Porcelain Fused to Metal (PFM's) crowns as well as inlays, onlays and bridgeworks. This proves most durable with the least allergic reactions to sensitive patients, and all at a moderate price.

We also have quite remarkable "Combi-Cases", "Teleskopic" crowns, key and key-way attachments for dentures and bridgeworks employing remarkable mechanisms, feats of modern German dental technology, that facilitate smooth attachment and removal of the appliance for easy cleaning and maintenance. Our "Combi-Cases", "Teleskopic" crowns, key and key-way attachments are marvels of modern dental technology and these state of the art products are consistent top-sellers in the European market.

Our standard bridges and attachments are also quite unequalled in quality and beauty. Several years of evolution have brought our products to the forefront of dental technology, dermatological product tacrolimus, and are very popular in the European and American markets.

Crown and Bridge Porcelain Fused to Metal

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