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Your way to a new smile

Expert dentists in Manila/Philippines provide high quality dental implants at very affordable prices!

Are you in need of a very expensive dental work like an implant?

Have you been suffering through the "missing teeth", cavities, or broken denture for way too long? Are you without dental insurance? Or inadequate coverage on your dental insurance?
We at DentExpo can provide you with professional high quality dental care, whether you need a dental crown, a dental bridge, a laminate, bleaching or even more permanent dental implants. Usually all these cost very much in Australia, United Kingdom or the United States, but we can offer them to you at very affordable prices, all with a tropical vacation on top of it! Look for your dentist abroad, DentExpo will help you!

Do you like to combine your vacation with a low cost dental treatment?

Imagine, scheduling your holiday in a tropical paradise, where you can learn how to surf, scuba dive, Tubbataha reef diving or just relaxing in the sun in the Philippines' tropical beaches, while at the same time, scheduling an appointment with our staff of trained dental experts! Our experts (including German dentists) will diagnose and treat your most simple dental concerns, up to the most detailed and complicated dental procedures including, for example, dental implants. Besides, they will provide you with treatments and dental care, which would cost several times more in Australia, Japan, Singapore or Hong Kong, and many others.

Dentist in the Philippines?

Contact us and we will find a dentist for you.

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