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Dental materials

DentExpo uses only the best materials from its leading suppliers in Germany, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, France, Italy and the USA. This ensures consistency and the highest quality in our finished products. No compromise is made when it comes to the employment and research of state of the art materials and techniques available in the market, to achieve excellence in its end products.

DentExpo is proud to carry the latest in precision ceramic milling technology – the Ceramill System. This state of the art process in the manufacture of dental prostheses using Ceramic Milling Technology is the latest in the market and DentExpo has been employing this process for over a year now. It promises speed in production, unequalled accuracy, stability, excellent aesthetics and biocompatibility at a very good price value.
Ceramill addresses many long-standing issues of strength, weight, translucency and gum compatibility in which other dental appliances have limitations. Ceramill products are strong, natural looking, lightweight and suitable for the most sensitive of patients.

DentExpo can promise speed in production, even with long span bridges, quicker and stronger than anything else available in the market today.

Some of these materials and their countries of origin are as follows:

Porcelain Veneering Materials

IPS EMPRESS (Inlay and Veneers) - Ivoclar, Liechtenstein
IPS EMPRESS 2 (Crowns and Bridges) - Ivoclar, Liechtenstein
DUCERAM Plus – Ducera Dental GmbH and Co. KG (Degudent), Germany
DUCERAGOLD (Golden Gate System) – Ducera (Degudent), Germany Ceramill ZI Zirkonoxid - AmannGirrbach AG, Germany Zirkonoxid is a high end procelain for construction of bridges and crowns. The ceramic powder is made by Willi Geller Creation - AmannGirrbach AG, Germany

Acrylic Veneering Materials

ESPE Sinfony (Light Cure Composite Material) - ESPE, Germany
VITA ZETA CC (Cold Curing Polymer) – VITA Zahnfabrik, Germany
OTHOCRYL "NEON" – Methylmetacrylat (Cold Curing Resins for retainers, various colors) - Dentaurum, Germany

Denture Acrylic

PalaXpress (Universal Denture Acrylic for Injection and Pour Techniques, cold curing) – Heraeus Kulzer, Germany
SHERAPRESS (Universal Denture Acrylic for Injection and Pour Techniques, cold curing) – SHERA GmbH and Co. KG, Germany

dental wax

false teeth

dental gold

dental alloy