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Plastic surgery & dentistry in Europe
Find clinics in Europe, who are offering plastic surgery and all kinds of dental treatments.

Sculptra NYC
Sculptra NYC is injected by Dr. Bryan Forley, who was chosen as an New York City top doctor. Recently approved by the FDA for cosmetic purposes, filling wrinkles and help to reach a more youthful facial appearance if patients suffer from loss of natural fat in their face. Dr. Forley also specializes in short scar facelift and can use fat transfers to treat lower eyelids and as a dark circles filler. Watch patient video interviews and before/after photos to evaluate the high quality of his work.

Dental schools
Dental schools directory. U.S. listing of dentistry schools by American Student Dental Association (ASDA). Find dental schools and get information about dentistry on this website.

Hearing Conservation Council
British registered charity with activities which centre on the prevention of avoidable causes of hearing impairment and deafness throughout the world.

Inflammatory Skin Disease Institute (ISDI)
The ISDI provides helpful information about inflammatory skin diseases through education, research, and patient advocacy.