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How and where to order Metrogyl-DG (Chlorhexidine/Metronidazole) 0.25% / 1% tubes 20 g dental gel online:

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Indications and usage:

Metrogyl DG dental gel is a combination medication containing anti infective medicine Metronidazole and antiseptic Chlorhexidine. It is primarily used for the treatment of mouth infections.

Dosage and administration:

Metrogyl DG comes in gel form for application inside the mouth on the affected area. Your doctor will decide the dose depending on the type of infection that is being treated. This drug can be taken with or without food.

Dosage forms and strengt:

Metrogyl DG gel is available in 10 g and 20 g tubes packages and strength Metronidazole 1% + Chlorhexidine Gluconate 0.25%.


  • Do not use Metrogyl DG gel more than prescribed dose. Taking more medication will not improve your symptoms; rather they may cause poisoning or serious side-effects. If you suspect that you or anyone else who may have overdosed of Metrogyl DG gel, please go to the emergency department of the closest hospital or nursing home. Bring a medicine box, container, or label with you to help doctors with necessary information.
  • Do not give your medicines to other people even if you know that they have the same condition or it seems that they may have similar conditions. This may lead to overdosage.
  • Please consult your physician or pharmacist or product package for more information.


  • hypersensitivity to ingredients of Metrogyl DG gel
  • allergy
  • contact with meninges
  • genital area
  • preoperative skin preparation of the head or face

    Warnings and precautions:

  • Metrogyl DG (Metronidazole, Chlorhexidine Gluconate) mouth gel should not be used during pregnancy, especially during the first trimester. So, let your doctor know if you are pregnant or planning to get pregnant.
  • You should not breastfeed while taking this medication as it passes into the breastmilk, affecting the baby.
  • Do not take Metrogyl DG gel if you are allergic to its components. You should immediately report to the doctor if you have dehydration symptoms like dehydration, dry mouth, excessive thirst, wrinkled skin, little or no urination, dizziness, and lightheadedness.
  • This medicine is known to cause staining; it can be reduced by reducing the consumption of tea, coffee, and red wine and brushing with toothpaste daily before using the gel.
  • Alcohol can affect Metrogyl DG metabolism. So, it should not be taken while using this medication.

    Adverse reactions, side effects:

    Most common side effect of Metrogyl DG gel is a metallic taste, bitter taste, burning, transient redness, irritation, dryness, staining of teeth. Sometimes it can lead to allergic reactions. If these effects appear and are bothersome, call your doctor.

    To report suspected side effects of Metrogyl DG (Metronidazole, Chlorhexidine) dental gel contact Unique Pharmaceutical Laboratories or your local FDA.

    Drug interactions:

    Please consult your healthcare professional or read carefully product package for this information.

    Related medications:

  • Cefixime (Suprax)
  • Tacrolimus (Protopic)

    Use in specific populations:


    Metrogyl DG should not be taken if you are pregnant or planning to have a baby. If you become pregnant while using this mediicne, stop taking it, and contact your doctor immediately. Metronidazole should not be given in the first trimester of the pregnancy as it may cause harm to the fetus.


    This medication passes in the breast milk, so the nursing mother should avoid taking Metrogyl DG gel.


    This drug is not known to impair vision or cause blurry vision.


    Metrogyl DG gel can be given in case of any liver impairment or problem.


    This medicine can be given in case of any kidney impairment or problem.

    Patient counseling information:

  • Use of Metrogyl DG (Metronidazole, Chlorhexidine Gluconate) dental gel may cause temporary discolouration of the teeth or tongue which can be removed by twice-daily brushing with this medication or consulting your dentist.
  • Avoid drinking beverages like tea, or coffee especially up to 1 hour after use of Metrogyl DG gel.
  • Children under 12 years of age should not use this medicine until and unless prescribed by a dentist or doctor.

    Where to buy Metrogyl-DG online:

    To purchase Metrogyl-DG (Chlorhexidine, Metronidazole) dental gel from reliable online pharmacies and drugstores at low prices please use resources described above on this webpage.

    Here is a list of popular medications containing chlorhexidine with metronidazole as main active pharmaceutical ingredients; their trade names, forms, doses, companies - manufacturers, distributors, suppliers, researchers and developers:

    Trade name of the drug Pharmaceutical forms and doses Companies
  • Gel; Local Oral; Chlorhexidine Gluconate 0.25%; Metronidazole 1%
  • Centaur Pharmaceuticals
  • Metrogyl-DG
  • Gel; Dental; Chlorhexidine Gluconate 0.25%; Metronidazole 1%
  • Unique Pharmaceutical Laboratories
  • J.B. Chemicals & Pharmaceuticals
  • Metronidazole and Chlorhexidine Lotion
  • Lotion; Vaginal; Chlorhexidine 0.2%; Metronidazole 1.2%
  • Hainan Hualon Pharmaceutical
  • Orahex
  • Gel; Local Oral; Chlorhexidine Gluconate 0.25%; Metronidazole 1%
  • Abbott
  • Rexidin-M
  • Gel; Dental; Chlorhexidine Gluconate 0.25%; Metronidazole 1%
  • Gel; Topical; Chlorhexidine Gluconate 0.25%; Metronidazole 1%
  • Indoco Remedies
  • Warren Generics